Why ? For whom ? By whom ?

Why ?

The control of the flying insects in the surrounding wall of a site of production is an important method which is worth being studied exactly because the presence of some flies can engender severe problems such as:

For whom ?

The INSECTRON® which use the properties of UV light represent a natural, simple and thrifty, continuous, effective means of fight to optimize the destruction of the flying insects, and constitute a good complement in the chemical treatments proposed by the persons receiving benefits of service.

The INSECTRON® addresses all the companies where the hygiene of which is a priority concern as the food industries, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries, etc. The INSECTRON® joins inevitably a method HACCP.

By whom ?

The ABIOTEC company proposes for more than 15 years industrial devices using UV technology, in particular the destroyers of flying insects as well as the UV sterilizers for the destruction of the germs in the water.

The manufacture of the INSECTRON® is made in the Berson factory located in Nuenen (Nederlands) by professionals' team accustomed to work to reach criteria of high quality and answer the requirements of the industry.

The INSECTRON® is fully qualified ISO 9002.