By what process ?

The INSECTRON® allows to eliminate the flying insects in complete safety, without chemical and with a radical efficiency.

The used process exploits a natural phenomenon observed scientifically: insects have eyes which consist of an ultraviolet particularly photosensitive multitude of facets.

The flying insects are attracted so irresistibly by the UV source and trapped either by electrocution on a high tension grid or by an adhesive sheet.


The INSECTRON® can be equipped with UV-A lamps only, or with a combination of UV-A lamps of green lamps.
The major part of the light emitted by UV-A lamps is situated in a wavelength of 365 nanometers, while those of the green lamps is centred around 560 nanometers. The choice of lamps to be used is made according to the type of flying insects to be eliminated and the applications.


The research department of Groningen's university (Nederlands) demonstrated that the combination of a UV-A lamp with a green lamp has an attraction power much higher than a single lamp combining UV-A lamp and green light.