The range

Never Less Than Exactly What Your Require

Abiotec has always prided itself on providing the equipment best suited to your needs.

Indeed, our range is the most comprehensive range on the market, with systems covering flow rates from 1 m≥/hour up to 7000 m≥/hour.

Our range includes:

All these data add up to over 300 possible combinations, to which can be added a large number of options:

Abiotecís selection software will help you find the model best suited to your requirements.

Abiotec : Always happy to Customize Your Product

If none of the models in the range really meets your requirements, Abiotec can provide a customised UV system. The Abiotec range also includes UV systems designed to sterilise surfaces (packages, capsules, films, etc.) and air (e.g. the bacteriological protection of tanks, etc.) as well as UV oxidation systems for T.O.C. (Total Organic Carbon) reduction and UV ozone photolysis systems.