Pools : UV destruction of chloramines


Treatment of pool water, and in particular disinfection, is an absolute necessity.

Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical product; its advantage is its residual power, its disadvantage is the formation of chloramines and trihalomethane (THM) and its ineffectiveness against Legionella bacteria.

UV Light

The energy of photons emitted by UV radiation is, according to the Planck equation, inversely proportional to the wavelength of radiation.

Polychromatic UV lamps

They produce UV over a broad spectrum (185 400 nm). There are two types:

Comparison of UV lamp emission spectrums

Applications in pools

Abiotec UV systems are suitable for various applications:

Splitting of molecules

Splitting of the interatomic bonds of chloramines depends on:

The dark lower curve corresponds to the rate of chloramines with MultiWave lamps.

Without UV: 0.45 ppm of combined chlorine
With UV: 0.18 ppm of combined chlorine

Abiotec UV Systems equipment

Location of a UV system

Depending on the application, the UV system is fitted on the re-circulation circuit or the fresh water supply.

Advantages of MultiWave lamps

Work we have carried out

Over 400 UV systems fitted in Europe, the first of which has been in operation since 1996

The Abiotec UV systems allow conformity with water quality standards whilst improving the comfort of staff and visitors, and reducing operating costs.