The process

UV Sources amplify a natural phenomenon

The sun has a health-giving effect produced by the emission of invisible light.

This natural phenomenon is used and amplified by ABIOTEC's powerful UV sources.

The DNA and RNA in micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, yeasts, moulds, etc.) are damaged by UV wavelengths (200 to 315 nanometres). This in turn inhibits replication of the genetic material and kills the micro-organism or prevents it from reproducing.

All germs can be inactivated in this way, even if they do not all have the same UV sensitivity.

The advantages of UV sources over other methods of sterilisation (source Agence de l'Eau) :

 Chlorination    OzoneUV
Reliability of the EquipmentGoodFairFair
Control facilityYesBeing studiedYes
Maintenance sensitivityLowHighHigh
Technical complexitySimpleComplexSimple
Bactericidal powerGoodGoodGood
Viricidal powerLowGoodGood
Safety problemsYesNoNo
Transport problemsYesNoNo
Toxicity risk to fishToxicNon-toxic ?Non-toxic
Residual persistenceLongNoNo
Contact timeLongModerateShort
Increases dissolved oxygenNoYesNo
Reacts with ammoniaYesYesNo
Discolouring powerModerateYesNo
pH dependentYesSlightlyNo